A great 3 sided open growing frame 1900mm Height.     Marine grade stainless steel bolt/washers used to hold stakes at top  (no rust, no worries).      So quick and simple to erect .   Just push into the soil and plant any climbing plant around tripod.      Move around your garden, or take down and store.    No tools required - just push leg prongs  into soil.  Can be dismantled and used as individual stakes.

Eyelets on each leg allow you to clip plants directly to the frame or lace twine around the frame. Sometimes referred to as an open Tee Pee, but always handy in any garden for vegetables, flowers, or any climber.

Insert into soil 15-30 cm, so you will loose 15-30cm off the 1900mm height (depending on how far you push into soil).

New Zealand made - galavanised steel  (rust free)- 10 year guarantee

Overseas Customers:    Please Note - this item cannot be shipped overseas - can only ship items under 1.5m Height/Length

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Tripod -1.9m height silver

  • $77.80

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