3 Reasons to love Brassicas

Kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens and more. the Brassica family is rich in goodness unmatched elsewhere in the vegie patch. With cooler temperatures on their way and  white butterfly on the decline, now is a great time to get your favourites in. Here are our best reasons for giving them some space in your garden.

1.They are really good for you.
The benefits of the whole Brassica genus are now well known. Cooked right or eaten raw, these little gems are proven to boost your immunity. This preventative approach to health is proving more important than previously thought - Mum was right about brussel sprouts!

2. We have the climate for it.

New Zealand has the cooler temperatures that Brassicas like, and now is a great time to sow. Rotate your crops and keep the soil rich for a flavourful harvest. Be careful though, bugs love Brassicas too, so thinking about some crop cover should keep more goodness on your plate. For pests and also the coming frosts, we recommend our Microklima cloche kits to keep things nice and snug.

3.Wildcard : Have you tried kohlrabi?

Try shredding or grating this vitamin rich bulb into a coleslaw or salad. It has its own distinctly sweet, mild aniseed flavour that will add punch to your kitchen creations. Throw in sweet carrots to keep things balanced nicely. Goes well with pork or fish too, just don't go overboard - aim for one of your big fresh kohlrabi for one big cabbage.

delicious kohlrabi
humble cabbage
super kale

Here is our range of Mikroclima Cloche Kits perfectly suited for Brassicas. Get Growing Things!

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