This Jumbo cloche  kit  is a handy size in the vegetable garden, giving you height and good width (hoops can stretch from 550-1200mm spread)  Comes with black or white bird netting (16mm diamond shaped holes), which is knitted and very stretchy and strong. The jumbo hoops allow you to grow most crops (potatoes, capsicums, small tomatoes , etc.  The strong bird netting protects against birds,  cats and dogs, chickens. Cloth size is 4m width x 5.5m length.  The 3 galvanised steel hoops are 550-1200 spread x 1150mm height. (you lose a little height when hoops are put in soil)  This cloche tunnel kit will cover 3 metre length row easily.  Comes with end anchor pins (to hold the cloth taut at each end and lock the cloth by pulling the end cloth up between the anchor pin loop) Absolutely brilliant design to keep cloche windproof and still easily get into the cloche without taking the cloth completely off the hoops.   There are also 9 x net clips (designed by us and made in NZ) to hold the netting onto the cloche hoops, making it very windproof, and you can slide these clips up with the cloth attached to a height that suits you to easily work with your plants without taking the cloth completely off.  (anchor pins have to be released first though, for the clips to easily slide up the hoop legs.  Also comes with galvanised steel side pins to keep the cloth tightly closed at soil level (if needed)

Purchase  some mikroclima, or bug netting to make this kit more versatile over the 4 seasons of gardening - mikroclima creates a warmer environment, bug netting keeps out tiny insects.

Please note our photos have green cloth, but this kit is supplied with black or white bird netting with 16mm diamond shaped holes. Please put in comments box when ordering which colour netting you prefer.

Made in New Zealand. 

For custom build kits to suit your garden - please phone us.

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Cloche Kit - Jumbo Bird Net

  • $85.00

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