1.150m height x 550-850mm wide - galvanised steel garden cloche hoop.  6mm diameter steel.  This hoop will stretch to 1m wide if necessary.  Height goes down to 980mm when this hoop is in the soil.

Make your own cloches in your vegetable garden using these rust-free galvanised steel cloche hoops.  Purchase any number of hoops to design your own tunnels. 

Space these hoops 1-1.3 metres apart.   Allow  the length of your tunnel plus 1.5 metre cloth for each end of tunnel you build.   You need 3m wide mikroclima, or 4m wide bird netting to go over these hoops.

Easy to use for home gardeners, no fuss, no tools, just push into soil!   Move them around the garden so easily.

Ideal size to grow popular vegetable varieties.    Use 2 or more, but 3 of these hoops cover approximately a 2-3 metre  length of crops.   Just add your favourite netting- 3m wide cloth works well on these hoops - we do have a good selection of crop protection netting too!  We have anchor end pins, side pins and netting clips to hold down the cloth as well, to make very windproof growing tunnels.

Use these cloche hoops all year round, either in the vegetable garden, or over newly planted citrus/shrubs with some mikroclima cloth to protect from frost, birds and wind, - very versatile size.

Galvanised steel.  Made in NZ 10 year guarantee.



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Cloche Hoops - Jumbo

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