A very sustainable way to grow your own seedlings.   No plastic pot to store or fill up the landfill.  Give your plants the very best chance of success by using biodegradable paper pots to sow seeds direct into a paper pot and plant out seedling in the paper pot to naturally break down in the soil.  No stress for the plant when transplanting.    This Pot Maker is a wonderful gift for all gardeners and to encourage people to start growing their own vegetables.  Just use your old newspapers to create pots you can fill with potting mix and plant your seeds in. When your strong seedlings are ready to go in in the garden, you just plant the whole lot in one. It just gradually disintegrates in soil with no stress to the plant, because their roots aren't being disturbed.  

Made by local wood turner in Wellington from locally grown timber.  Comes with instructions and a sample  sized piece of newspaper .

Large makes a 55mm diameter and up to a 80mm height paper pot.  

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Paper Pot Maker Large

  • $26.50

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